Our Campaigns

Our campaigns put people at the heart of change. They focus on the most critical issues of our time, where the power of our community can make all the difference. Our campaigns usually start from a petition, but often grow into far more. Our community regularly reaches campaign targets by signing petitions, sending emails and tweets, and donating to crowdfund vibrant actions that inspire the change we need.

Toxic-free Europe now!

Every day, we’re exposed to dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ that cause cancer, infertility and birth defects. Big chemical businesses are spending millions on lobbying to keep it this way. Together, let’s call on our EU leaders to take action for a toxic-free future now !

Frontex employees, blow the whistle

We call on Frontex employees/officials to report and disclose any violations of human rights that they witness. People who knowingly cover up abuse and illegal pushbacks of those who are looking for a safe place must be held accountable.

No more deaths on migration routes!

The deaths of people seeking refuge at sea are a crime. These people deserve help. They deserve safety and dignity. But again and again authorities fail to act. Together, we can hold those responsible for this to account.