Campaign Update

A huge feminist mobilisation is sweeping Europe

November 27, 2023 - WeMove Europe

A few days ago, Marta Asensio bravely told European politicians her story of surviving sexual violence after being drugged without her consent. [1] Her speech moved everyone present and showed how our laws fall…

An activist's speech
November 20, 2023Campaign Update

An activist's speech

Marta Asensio, activist and survivor of rape by chemical submission, gave this speech in the European Parliament during an event organised by We Move Europe and the European Women's Lobby in the context of our…

Photo of meeting with Gaby Bischoff
October 5, 2023Community update

Qatargate: This is bitter-sweet

Beginning of October the European Parliament finally agreed on some important changes following the Qatari corruption scandal. [1] These reforms will force lawmakers to be more transparent about their assets and meetings with lobbyists. And…

Thumbnail for a video with play button in centre, people dressed as vegetables
February 9, 2023Campaign Update

No patents on seeds: watch the video

Right now - small farmers are going out of business. All because a handful of greedy corporations call the shots on what local farmers can grow. They’re controlling the food we put on the table…

climate farming activists hold banner
January 15, 2023Community update

Farming revolution in Poland

Nearly a quarter of global emissions come from mass-scale factory farming. [1] This model hurts farmers from small communities, the planet, and our health. We brought together activists and farmers for a common goal: to…

A big blow to big polluters image
December 1, 2022Campaign Update

A big blow to big polluters

This was a win they told us wasn’t possible. But we never doubted the power we have together. Now, this is one huge win for people and the planet. EU leaders didn't seem to be…