Updates archive: Campaign Update

December 1, 2022Campaign Update

A big blow to big polluters

This was a win they told us wasn’t possible. But we never doubted the power we have together. Now, this is one huge win for people and the planet. EU leaders didn't seem to be...

July 6, 2021Campaign Update

A Beautiful Day for Animals

It’s official - the EU will phase out cages in animal farming across Europe by 2027. [1] This is big news. It means that together we’ve improved conditions for millions of farm animals. By backing...

May 30, 2022Campaign Update

Huge Win on Pesticides and SLAPPs

With thousands of us supporting them, activists fought back against their local government and the rich food industry and won! They spoke up against the use of pesticides in Northern Italy, famous for its apples....

January 14, 2022Campaign Update

Our Ocean Adventure

On a cold Monday morning in December, this dedicated community got a European Commissioner out of his office and down to street level to respond to our demands to protect our ocean and climate. To...

September 13, 2021Campaign Update

Swimming to Protect Our Oceans

It was 7 am on a Saturday on a beach in Marseille just over a week ago. I was both excited and a little nervous. In about an hour, people would be diving into the...

October 19, 2021Campaign Update

Taking Action for Tenerife

Taking action works! Hundreds of thousands of us signed a petition that has stopped a mega-port in Tenerife that threatened the only whale heritage site in the European Union. The home to more than 75...