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September 14, 2022Community update

A letter to Ursula von der Leyen on the event of her State of the Union speech

Dear President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, As you prepare to give your speech on the State of the European Union today, we want to bring the voices of European citizens to...

March 4, 2022Community update

Community Update - A Systemic Approach to War

Last Monday there was a run on iodine pills in pharmacies in Belgium. I woke up on Tuesday to hear that this was going on all across Europe. [1] Iodine pills protect against thyroid cancer...

November 14, 2022Community update

Community Update - Hardship and Hope

In September, I asked this community of a million people supporting WeMove Europe to answer a survey. [1] Tens of thousands of you responded. It made me feel emotional, but ultimately grateful for a deeper...

June 1, 2022Community update

Community Update - Hope in Action

It took an earthquake to change minds in the Netherlands. The largest gas field in Europe was discovered in Groningen in the 1950s. The drills soon followed, and with them, the damage that has revealed...

March 9, 2022Community update

Community update - What matters most to Europeans?

Nearly 17,000 members of our community responded to a survey asking what we can change in Europe this year. As a team, we reviewed the responses and the current situation in Europe. Here is what...

January 15, 2023Community update

Farming revolution in Poland

Nearly a quarter of global emissions come from mass-scale factory farming. [1] This model hurts farmers from small communities, the planet, and our health. We brought together activists and farmers for a common goal: to...