Hundreds of posters plastered across Brussels

Two posters saying "Make ecocide a crime!"

Right now, companies that destroy our environment on a mass scale still go unpunished. We believe that those who destroy our planet should go to jail.

So this community over the cover of night, plastered hundreds of posters all across Brussels calling on the EU to make ecocide a crime.

ecocide_posters_collage (1).jpg

EU lawmakers couldn't get into their offices without seeing our message.

ecocide_poster_action_collage (1).jpg

And our message hit the headlines on the first day of EU negotiations to discuss environmental crimes. We want to make sure everyone - including EU lawmakers - know what ecocide is and why it’s so important to make it a crime. [1]

ecocide_news_coverage_collage (1).jpg

Watch the video of the action!

From deforestation in the Romanian forests, to wrecking entire marine ecosystems with deep-sea mining, and contaminating our food with pesticides, companies need to be held criminally responsible.

More than 600,000 people want ecocide to be a crime. [2] And the European Parliament agrees with us. [3] But we need the Council and the Commission on our side. This is why we put hundreds of posters on their walls and everywhere on their way to work. The negotiations have now started, they’ve now seen our message and the people-power behind it!

We know that negotiations continue and a decision will come in mid-June, so we’ll be ready. With the power of this community we’ll put even more pressure on them to make sure we win this campaign - so we can hold companies accountable, protect our planet, and secure a brighter future for generations to come.

References [1] Traditionally, laws have had to rely on there being damage to people or property. If we make ecocide a crime, it would mean that a crime could be brought on the behalf of the environment for the harm done to it. Even if there is no harm to human life, we could protect nature through criminal law. This would mean that environmental protection would be taken much more seriously. It would be revolutionary and this is exactly what we need if we are serious about mitigating the climate crisis. [2] (in your language) [3]

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