Campaigning in a pandemic: what we achieved in 2020

By Laura Sullivan, Executive Director of WeMove Europe, January 5th 2021

There’s always a before and an after. It’s hard to think about this past year without it. Before COVID happened. After COVID happened.

Before COVID happened, we had a plan for 2020. We knew what key campaigns were waiting for our community. We had a plan. We had dreams too, sure. But we thought it would be years until some of those dreams could be within reach.

That's because we knew that for all good ideas, there needs to be a right moment in history. We had no idea that moment was 2020. After COVID happened -- we needed radical and quick solutions to deal with a global pandemic.

So, as we gear up for a new year together, take a look at what we’ve achieved in 2020:

A visual report of our work in 2020