WeMove on screen

By Anna Devereux, Digital Organiser at WeMove Europe, May 11th 2021

We’ve had a busy couple of months creating videos to connect with our members.

This started with International Women’s Day. We launched a video to put the spotlight on Poland, giving our teammates there a platform to communicate the ongoing fight for women's basic human rights.

This project was the first of its kind for WeMove, and the journey included many highs and lows as we learned the ropes. Alex, our Social Media Officer, nearly went mad in the editing room! But the result was promising -- the video got 2k views on Twitter.


Watch here

Then Annemarie, our German Campaigner in Berlin, took this concept and ran with it. Using video, she made the topic of the Common Agricultural Policy -- crucial and complex to explain without resorting to alienating scientific or policy language -- engaging.

Watch here

Then in April, we tackled fundraising.

We wanted our community to see a friendly face behind “the WeMove Team” that send them so many emails! So, we crammed this video full of friendly faces (and cats!), and gave the team a chance to show donors just how grateful we all are.

Watch here

In our latest video, Virginia, our Spanish campaigner, told the story of an exciting project: teaming up with Polish farmers for climate justice.

With fun graphics, clear communication, and interviews with people on the ground in Poland, this video allowed viewers to see the inner workings of our campaign, to know where their donations are going, and to see the real people fighting climate change.

Watch here

Our members responded -- not just to say they liked it, but to ask how they can help. Some even invited us to contact their local farmers groups!

We are really excited about how this medium is helping us to engage with our members and the public, and tell the story of our campaigns in an exciting and engaging form.