Member survey: democracy in Poland and Hungary

At WeMove, we have been following the rise of the ultra-conservative, populist governments in Poland and Hungary and their policies with growing concern.

The governments of Victor Orban in Hungary and the Law and Justice party in Poland have shown arrogance and disdain for the values we progressive Europeans at WeMove stand for: freedom of conscience; rule of law: the idea that no power in government is above the law; the respect for equality; human dignity; openness; free and diverse media.

Today we come to a point where we are asking - as a European community of people committed to those ideals, how can we act? How can we help? How can we channel our massive reserves of people power, to meaningfully stand with the Polish and Hungarian people in their hour of need?

Please take a few minutes to complete this member survey. Your voice will help all of us decide on the direction we take together in the coming weeks and months.