A step closer to protecting our forests

A step closer to protecting our forests

As of September 2022, we’re one step closer to protecting the Amazon and our forests worldwide. The European Parliament agreed to remove products linked to deforestation from our shelves.

This can have a massive impact. Because Europe is the second biggest importer of these products, we would stop food companies from destroying thousands more forests.

We could have never gotten there without you.

Together, we joined 200 organisations in the #Together4forests campaign, and sent more than 200,000 tweets, emails and memes to our MEPs.

To make sure we got their attention, we went around with bikes in a loop around the European Parliament showcasing our message. And we delivered our petition to the key politicians in Brussels.



It shows our pressure is working, but our work doesn’t stop here. EU governments will have to give their say on the final vote in the coming months. Many countries will come under pressure from industry lobbyists, who want to continue to sell their forest-killing products in Europe.

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