Holding off the monster

January 15, 2024

Pictures of protesters

By WeMove Europe

The rules of the game have finally changed! For decades big business held all the cards. No matter the damage they did to our forests, rivers and communities, in their greedy hunt for profits, we struggled to hold companies to account. The deck was truly stacked in their favour.

Now, EU leaders have agreed on new rules that put power back in the hands of the people. [1] Big business can now be taken to court by communities that fall victim to their destructive practices.

These new rules are a major step forward. Now communities like the Chanleta in Colombia, facing down the monster coal mining giant Glencore, can go to court and demand their rights to a healthy environment and clean drinking water. [2]

This moment does have a bittersweet taste though. Some European governments, like the French and German governments, watered down key rules, meaning communities still can’t take the financial sector like banks to court for worsening the climate crisis. [3]

That’s why we need to be ready to strengthen these rules. So we can make sure that more communities can use them to fight climate change and challenge the harm caused by big business greed. Over the next year, we will be campaigning to make sure even the financial sector is accountable. If you haven’t already, sign the petition to stay tuned!

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