Say No to a Toxic Europe

In September 2020, the European Commission presented a new Chemicals Strategy which could have gone in favour of big business. We intervened and helped shape it into a people- and health-friendly chemicals strategy. This was a story of people like us making our voices heard in what was otherwise an internal battle inside the European Commission between two departments, one defending health, and the other… well, not exactly doing that.

Before we got involved, parts of the EU Commission were pushing to allow even more toxins into everyday products. Internal documents leaked to the media proved this. Our partners, the Health and Environment Alliance and European Environmental Bureau, asked WeMove Europe for help - and our community jumped into action.

Facing a strong opponent - big businesses who were ruthless in protecting their profits - our community banded together with a 127,000-signature petition. This was instrumental to our partners, making it possible for them to show that citizens were keeping a close eye on the toxins debate.

On Wednesday 14 October 2020, the European Commission presented the new European Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. On paper, the strategy will do more to protect our health and the environment, and it is a major step forward in the delivery of Europe’s Zero Pollution Ambition.

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