Community update - What matters most to Europeans?

Community update - What matters most to Europeans?

Nearly 17,000 members of our community responded to a survey asking what we can change in Europe this year. As a team, we reviewed the responses and the current situation in Europe. Here is what we found out and what we’re going to do:

1. Making sure corporations pay their fair share came in first

Working on tax justice mattered before war broke out, and it’s even more important today. Russian oligarchs, who enable and support Putin, have been able to hide their wealth all across Europe. Finally, countries are starting to hold them to account. From seizing yachts linked to the oligarchs in Hamburg and the South of France to new laws tackling dirty money. [1] [2] We need to use this momentum to ensure all rich individuals and corporations pay their fair share. So many of you support this work and that is why we will campaign for tax justice this year. The action will kick off this summer with a campaign for a new EU law that could force big companies to pay more taxes. [3]

2. Securing a massive investment plan in climate action was second

Today, climate justice is more important than ever. The same gas and oil that is fuelling climate disaster is fuelling war in Ukraine. A landmark report released last week reminded us of how close we are to climate breakdown. [4] Our resolve is stronger than ever. This year, we’ll campaign to ensure the EU invests massively to address climate change. This means reforming our economic and tax systems to drive action for a just transition, not just more austerity. [5] We will also focus on ending Europe’s dependency on gas and oil in the name of climate justice and to stop financing Putin’s war.

3. A set of laws to help restore nature in Europe rounds off the top three

This year we have a chance to secure a law to protect nature. [6] Together with some powerful partner organisations in the climate movement, we will fight for targets to restore nature that are legally binding and for the whole EU. Stay tuned – you will be hearing from us when the first draft from the European Commission is out!

The survey showed that this community cares about the same kinds of issues across all countries. This was not the case last year. It makes me wonder – are we starting to come together around issues that can drive real long-term change?

It also reminds me of the power in this community – to understand and connect how people feel locally with opportunities to drive change. Let’s use that now.

Thanks for being part of this,


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