Right now, the world is in crisis. But with our help, that can all change.

Our political system has served the elite and maximised profit for too long, and now we’re seeing devastating effects on our environment, our economy, our democracy, and our everyday lives. That’s because the systems that are currently in place are built to benefit the rich and powerful. We want a better Europe. One that takes climate action seriously, puts well-being first, welcomes those seeking refuge with open arms, listens to the needs of people, and protects nature.

A Europe for people and planet

Our campaigns are rooted in our mission and vision for Europe. We believe that politics in Europe needs to put people and planet first. We also believe that people have the power to make that change. When we move together, a Europe that puts people and planet first becomes possible.

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What would you like to change in Europe? You Move Europe puts the power to make Europe a better place in your hands. This is your space to run campaigns about the issues you care about. You just need an idea, be it small, big or revolutionary, and You Move Europe will help you make it a reality.

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Take action for a real EU climate leader

To protect the integrity of the European Unions' climate action, we urge that the EU Commissioner nominee Wopke Hoekstra is not given the climate portfolio

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Make the Polluters Pay

We demand new taxes on fossil fuel companies, the transport sector, finance and wealth to support communities in dealing with the climate crisis.

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Ban toxic glyphosate now!

We can get glyphosate banned for good if we act now!

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Imagen de una plataforma de prospección marina y un barco

A huge blow to mining companies

Thanks to a growing movement to protect our oceans, we’re one step closer to a complete ban on deep sea mining. In the beginning of...


A major win for people and planet

On Thursday 15th July, we won an extremely tight vote in the European Parliament to restore nature. Here’s why this law is so important: the...


May 30, 2023Campaign Update

Hundreds of posters plastered across Brussels

Right now, companies that destroy our environment on a mass scale still go unpunished. We believe that those who destroy our planet should go to jail. So this community over the cover of night, plastered...

February 9, 2023Campaign Update

No patents on seeds: watch the video

Right now - small farmers are going out of business. All because a handful of greedy corporations call the shots on what local farmers can grow. They’re controlling the food we put on the table...

January 15, 2023Community update

Farming revolution in Poland

Nearly a quarter of global emissions come from mass-scale factory farming. [1] This model hurts farmers from small communities, the planet, and our health. We brought together activists and farmers for a common goal: to...

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