Right now, the world is in crisis. But with our help, that can all change.

Our political system has served the elite and maximised profit for too long, and now we’re seeing devastating effects on our environment, our economy, our democracy, and our everyday lives. That’s because the systems that are currently in place are built to benefit the rich and powerful. We want a better Europe. One that takes climate action seriously, puts well-being first, welcomes those seeking refuge with open arms, listens to the needs of people, and protects nature.

A Europe for people and planet

Our campaigns are rooted in our mission and vision for Europe. We believe that politics in Europe needs to put people and planet first. We also believe that people have the power to make that change. When we move together, a Europe that puts people and planet first becomes possible.

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What would you like to change in Europe? You Move Europe puts the power to make Europe a better place in your hands. This is your space to run campaigns about the issues you care about. You just need an idea, be it small, big or revolutionary, and You Move Europe will help you make it a reality.

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Ban private jets and luxury emissions!

The super rich are wrecking the planet - time to make them pay.

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Make Europe a safe place for all women and girls!

We have a chance right now to secure a EU Directive on violence against women and domestic violence. If enough of us show how important it is to ensure women are safe and protected, decision makers will have to listen to us.

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Save Doñana nature reserve and wildlife in Europe!

The great wildlife reserve of Doñana is wounded, but the European Commission can intervene to save it. Let's send a clear message to the corporations and politicians: the protection of our nature reserves is not negotiable!

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A story of struggle & perseverance

This is a story about turning the tides of cruelty in EU migration policies — and how it couldn’t happen without you. About how the...


What we did for our oceans

We’ve made waves to stop destructive fishing in Europe and protect our oceans. For two years, we’ve worked to ban the most destructive fishing practice...


December 1, 2022Campaign Update

A big blow to big polluters

This was a win they told us wasn’t possible. But we never doubted the power we have together. Now, this is one huge win for people and the planet. EU leaders didn't seem to be...

November 29, 2022Green

A step closer to protecting our forests

As of September 2022, we’re one step closer to protecting the Amazon and our forests worldwide. The European Parliament agreed to remove products linked to deforestation from our shelves. This can have a massive impact....

November 14, 2022Community update

Community Update - Hardship and Hope

In September, I asked this community of a million people supporting WeMove Europe to answer a survey. [1] Tens of thousands of you responded. It made me feel emotional, but ultimately grateful for a deeper...

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