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YouMove Europe is a values-led campaigning platform and is powered by WeMove Europe: a community of over one million people campaigning for a thriving democracy and a more fair, flourishing and just Europe. That means petitions on YouMove Europe uphold the mission and values of the WeMove Europe community: a belief in a fairer society and economy, a flourishing environment, human rights and racial justice for all and a thriving democracy.

The values petitions on YouMove Europe we uphold

What if my petition doesn’t align with WeMove Europe’s values?

YouMove Europe isn’t a petition site for every person and every cause. Here, we only host petitions that — in our best judgment — are politically aligned and actively working towards a Europe rooted in kindness, respect, justice and community care. If you start a petition on the site that isn’t aligned with these values, your petition will be removed and you’ll be notified about the reason why.

Here’s some very broad examples of petitions we might not host:

  • A petition protesting a new public housing development. That’s because everyone should have access to affordable accommodation.
  • A petition fighting for lower levels of immigration. That’s because this argument is often grounded in or incites racism and xenophobia.
  • A petition calling for a new flavour of ice-cream. That’s because this issue doesn’t further the values the WeMove Europe community is fighting for.
  • A petition protesting coronavirus lockdown restrictions. That’s because community care and safety depends on all of us following the advice of health experts.

But rest assured, if YouMove Europe isn’t the right place for your petition there are many other petition sites that will host your petition.