Joint opposition against patent for Syngenta on a tomato

In 2015, the European Patent Office (EPO) granted patent EP 1515600 to Syngenta. This patent covers tomatoes with a high content of so-called flavonols, which are supposedly beneficial to health. This “invention”, however, is simply a product of crossing varieties from Latin America with varieties currently grown in the West. European Patent Law prohibits patents on plant varieties and on conventional breeding.

European Patent Law gives every citizen of their member states the right to file an opposition against a patent. To stop Syngenta profiting from life, we are filing an official opposition with the European Patent Office to this patent.

To add your name to the opposition, please fill in the fields below.


  • Adding your name to this opposition will not cost you anything or have any financial implications. All costs will be shared by WeMove and partners.
  • All of your data will digitally be published by the European Patent Office. We will not publish your data at all.
  • To ensure the successful submission of our opposition, all of the fields below must be completed.

  • You do not need to show up at the official hearing in Munich, where the European Patent Office has its office, but we will give you the chance to protest!        
  • The European Patent Office opposition can take up to two years to make a ruling on the opposition. WeMove Europe will serve as your representative. WeMove Europe will be represented by a patent lawyer.
  • You are eligible to sign if you are a citizen with the right to vote in one of the member states of the European Patent Office ( (That’s why we have to ask for your citizenship in the form below.)
  • This is an opposition to the patent EP 1515600 granted to Syngenta in 2015. For the full wording of the patent and of the opposition, download the text as pdf.
  • Your official opposition needs to be filed in as original paper. Therefore we can only accept your original signed form, and not a scan or a fax.
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