Would you support this campaign to demand demand the European Commission sanctions Poland’s far-right populist government?

Yesterday, Poland’s nationalist government rejected the European Commission’s final demands to stop the systematic attack on the country’s democracy and rule of law. The year-long dialogue is over - and Poland’s leaders have made clear their contempt for the European values. Now it’s time for action.

The EU has a real weapon against undemocratic regimes taking over: it can sanction a member state for persistent breaches of democratic values and fundamental rights. Poland could lose its voting rights in the Council, and other rising far-right governments would get a clear message: democracy in Europe is not optional.

The Commission could start the procedure now, but they hesitate: there are voices saying that in the uncertain times of Brexit and Trump, the EU should let it go, and turn a blind eye to one country’s slide towards authoritarianism.

The WeMove community believes that for those very reasons, our fundamental values - the respect for the law, rights and freedoms, equality and democracy - must not be given away to nationalists, racists and populists - and never without a fight. We want to urge the EU to stand up to the far-right, and launch the Article 7 sanctions procedure against Poland.