How we work

How we select our campaigns

We use criteria to help us select campaigns. The reality is that no single campaign will meet all the criteria we have. However the best ones will meet as many of the below as possible.

  1. The campaign addresses the root cause of the problems we see and offers clear opportunities for change there, ie long term systemic change
  2. The campaign and its narrative do not uphold existing problematic systems
  3. The campaign can deliver smaller changes and wins along the road to a bigger vision of change
  4. It is clear that there is a value add for the WeMove Europe community to be involved in this campaign
  5. People can connect with the campaign and want to take part in it
  6. The campaign offers potential for European transnational solidarity.

How we achieve the change we are after

We offer people a chance to get involved in things that matter to them – climate change, human rights, clean water, wildlife protection and much more. Through these campaigns, we tell the story of that issue, but also how that issue sits within a wider story of power and decision making in Europe, of what needs to change.

We take people on a journey to expose the connection between our daily struggles are some pretty deep-rooted problems, and to show why shifting power back to people is so central to winning on all fronts.

If enough people are persistently “loud” over time and connected to others who make the case for change, decision makers will be forced to hear them.

One more thing: we are trying to reach people beyond our current community, those who sit on the fence on certain issues and can be persuaded to fight towards justice on different fronts. This said, we do not spend time trying to convince those who are clearly not going to be convinced to join us any time soon.


How we work with partners and movements

Together we are stronger and partners offer major complementary strengths. We start by identifying those strengths and joining them up towards more people power and more campaign wins. Some partners like us because we have particular skills in moving people through online campaigning which they don't have. Others like us because they are working on the local to national level, but have a gap at the European level. They see the potential for Europe to make or break people's lives and that of the planet. They want to work with us because we can influence things in Europe.


Annual Report

Read more about some of our campaigns and our work in the 2020 Annual Report2019 Annual Report and 2018 Annual Report