How we work

The Objective: Effective Campaigning for a Better Europe

We want to build a community working towards better decisions in Europe. With WeMove.EU, members will effectively and efficiently be able to influence EU decision making to improve policy outcomes. WeMove.EU promises to provide Europeans with the opportunity to not just make their voices heard, but to make them count. Read more about us and how we work

Annual Report

Read more about some of our campaigns and our work in the 2018 Annual Report

The Model

Online organising has emerged as a powerful tool to leverage mass activism in campaigning. Online organising is also likely to be the best option to bring people from all over Europe together to jointly voice their opinions on European issues. It can bridge the gap between people in different countries, and between citizens and the Brussels bubble.

While online campaigning organisations and NGOs that succeed in online campaigning exist on the global or national level, the power of online organising is underutilised on a European level.

For structural reasons, it is very difficult for the existing organisations to have effective, fast online campaigning capacity at the European level. Therefore, we are founding a new European organisation dedicated to this purpose.

How we work

We come together at critical moments to take action to effect political change on an EU level, to build a more citizen-centered Europe. We target those who can deliver change – be it in European institutions, member states or corporations.

We use online tools to lower the barrier to participating in European democracy, so all Europeans have a voice in this political process; a process where big money, corporate lobbyists and national-minded politicians in powerful countries wield too much power. Our model of online organising allows us to rapidly combine the effort of thousands of us into a powerful collective force. We harness this online participation to facilitate grassroots action – online and offline.

Our campaigning model is built around partnerships. Our aim is to bring together the know-how and political experience of existing organisations. In these partnerships, WeMove.EU will provide the capacity for cross-border mobilisation that has been sorely lacking on a European level. By working in reliable and meaningful partnerships with other organisations we will strengthen civil society and help running the most effective campaigns possible.

We strive for accuracy, relevance and a strong theory of change. Our ambition is to run those campaigns that most effectively work for our idea of Europe and to run them ethically, including protecting the privacy rights of our members.

What we are not

WeMove.EU never collaborates with groups that follow an anti-democratic agenda.

WeMove.EU is not a political party, nor does it have any affiliation to any political group or party. When it comes to addressing grievances and maladministration, we know no friends; when it comes to applauding progress towards our values, we know no enemies.