Why we need to act

Europe in Crisis: An Opportunity and Need for Citizens' Engagement

  1. Decision making in Europe is dominated by corporate lobbyists and politicians focused on narrow national interests. This leads to decisions that do not serve the common good and undermine democracy.
  2. The sense of solidarity between people in different European countries has decreased alarmingly, especially since the crisis of 2008. Eurosceptic political groups are gaining popularity. Most of these are far right-wing.

This crisis of European democracy urgently needs effective citizen's engagement across our continent.
We want to help citizens all over Europe to fight for a sustainable, just and democratic Europe, a Europe that values the human rights of every human being, whether a citizen of the EU or not. A Europe that takes seriously the original ideas and values of a Europe committed to peace and global solidarity.

While we disagree with many current EU policies, we believe that the EU is necessary for sustainable, just and democratic policies in many areas. However, our emphasis is not on celebrating the Union because of its theoretical merits but on addressing the very practical problems EU policies cause.

We will organise citizens’ campaigns against bad decisions on the European level, no matter whether they are caused by member states, commission or parliament, and we will fight for positive change in line with our values.

Paradoxically, exactly through fierce criticism of specific policies and through addressing the European institutions directly we affirm the importance and legitimacy of decision making on the European level.

Our campaigns will not be about a 'Yes' or 'No' to the EU. They will be about a vision for a better Europe.

Fundamentally, we believe in putting more power in the hands of the people and less in the hands of corporations and special interest groups, and we will run campaigns that further these values.