Junior Technical Campaigner / Core Tech Team Member

Location: Anywhere in EU
Application deadline: rolling applications

About us

WeMove Europe is an independent and values-based organization that seeks to build people power to transform Europe in the name of our community, future generations and the planet. We are people from all walks of life, who call Europe our home – whether we were born in Europe or elsewhere.

Our job is to mobilize the 1mln+ WeMove members across Europe on issues that matter - including the climate emergency, immigration, workers rights, better governance, and more. We know this number of people also needs to grow and diversify so we can represent a critical mass across Europe.

We work in a decentralized structure, with staff rooted in many countries who connect digitally every day and in person occasionally as well.

Our tech

Our technology stack is built using predominantly free/open/libre licensed software and components. We care about privacy, impact on climate, movement generosity, inclusiveness and overall impact of technology decisions we make, while trying to find the right balance that allows us to deliver solutions to real-life problems. Within the tech team, we talk daily, discussing priorities, making decisions together and supporting each other in everyday work.

We manage our metal and VPS using Ansible, deploy our services as Docker containers and make them talk to each other using AMQP. Our databases run on MySQL/PerconaDB and PostgreSQL. Languages we’re using most are Ruby, PHP, JavaScript (ReactJS and NodeJS, but others as well) and SQL, but we also frequently dive into Python, Clojure, Java and others. We also maintain (and occasionally contribute to) Speakout, Identity, CiviCRM, Metabase, Weblate, Gitlab, Redis and a few others.

Our tech team is made of 3 Core Tech Team Members and a group of various field experts that we work with on a daily basis.

About the role

You will be part of the core tech team, a group of people responsible for making sure that tech infrastructure properly supports our online campaigning activities.

This involves three crucial components: 1) understanding and monitoring our services and intervening when needed, 2) communicating with different stakeholders and supporting them with technical knowledge and expertise, 3) working on implementation (coding and integration) on improvements and new projects.

Roughly 60-70% of your time will be spent on a variety of projects, on different levels of involvement. Depending on your skillset and preference, those might include developing a tool or feature on your own, developing a fix or improvement to one of existing systems, designing a tool or feature and/or managing a team to deliver it. Sometimes you will spend time learning and experimenting with completely new tools and techniques - to assess their fitness for our needs and teach others how to use them if we decide together they’re useful. Get ready to act as a jack of all trades, but as our tech grows and develops, there are options to become master of one as well.

Around 30-40% of your time, depending on specific moment in time, will be spent on support and maintenance, handling help requests and interventions. Those might vary from simple technical questions up to designing and supporting an ad-hoc online campaigning tactic together with a group of campaigners.

More specifically, your tasks might include:

  • Mastering and making the most of the campaigning platform that we’re planning to migrate to in the following year.
  • Developing code in Ruby, PHP, ReactJS, Python, both individually and in teams
  • Helping spot mistakes in HTML
  • Occasional Linux (Ubuntu) server administration, using Ansible
  • Designing and discussing integration between different systems
  • Reviewing the code written by others
  • Analyzing data stored in relational databases
  • Managing external programming team using agile methodology
  • Analyzing, understanding and optimizing integration of our systems with external services, like Mailjet or Twilio
  • Running retrospectives, evaluating learnings and best practices and sharing with the team.

It’s also up to you to shape our infrastructure - our culture is based on the “doer's attitude” and hacker culture. If you can get your hands dirty with diagnosing and solving the problem and you can convince others that your solution is the right one without going into flame war, you’re one of us.

About you

You need to be open to constant learning, have good communication skills and love human beings as much as you love to code.

You need to understand our values, be driven by curiosity and avoid thinking too much about complex solutions to non-existing problems. Apart from that, we need you to:

  • Have some experience in at least one of SQL/ReactJS/Python/Ruby programming experience (1+ years).
  • Have some experience and/or interest in frontend development or data analysis.
  • Be open to getting your hands dirty with other tools and programming languages than those listed above.
  • Be willing to learn (also through practice) and apply your new skills in projects.
  • Be acquainted with Linux servers and feel comfortable with them
  • Have good written and verbal communication skills in English and the ability to work well with a variety of personalities and cultures. Any of the languages that WeMove Europe speaks in is a plus.
  • Feel commitment to being accountable for results with a strong focus on getting stuff done.
  • Have the ability to think independently and take part in group decision making.
  • Enjoy collaborative approach to work.

What we offer

  • Working in an inclusive, supportive team constantly learning new things together.
  • Ability to expand your skill set in the direction that’s beneficial to the organization and you personally.
  • Being able to help shape policy and build a progressive movement of millions of citizens. Your job is obviously not political, but if you think we should reject refugees or that companies should have more power over our democratic institutions, you will not fit in.
  • A job where you can shape the way we use tech to further citizen’s engagement.
  • Being able to work remotely but with the opportunity to meet and work in person during our team weeks.
  • A budget to learn and share. We like open source, we read books, we take part in trainings and see it as part of the job.
  • Your salary will depend on experience and will be adjusted to living costs of the country you live and work in. You will not be able to buy a private jet and you can probably find a better paying job in corporate, but it will be competitive with what you would get working for a local NGO.

Terms and conditions

This is a 80-100% 3 year contract, with option to extend further, to start as soon as possible, ideally by mid-June.

The role will be based in European Union.

As we are building a virtual organisation, this position will be based at a home office or co-working space of your choice. We offer a competitive salary within the sector. Our salaries are indexed to local cost of living, for specific information on ranges for this position, please check this page.

We are striving towards a good gender-balance in our team. In order to enhance the diversity of our team, we encourage applicants of all origins, ages and diverse backgrounds.

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please send an application to jobs@wemove.eu.

Please include:

  • motivation letter, including the mention of your experience and provide contacts for 3 references.
  • CV, including your language skills in your first language, English and other languages according to a scale from A1 to C2.

Any questions can be directed to jobs-tech@wemove.eu. Notice of the status of your application will be given at the end of the recruitment process only.


Next steps

The recruitment consists of three steps:

  1. Evaluation of applications
  2. An online exercise for chosen candidates
  3. A job interview online for those scoring best in the exercise