Donation Policy

Where we get our money:

For the current start-up phase, WeMove.EU has received initial funding from the German online campaigning group and individuals donors. However, in the next two years we plan on becoming fully independent from external funding and will be exclusively community-funded. WeMove.EU will rely on donations from its community to continue running critical campaigns throughout Europe. This will continue to ensure our full independence in all we do.

Oversight and transparency:

WeMove.EU’s Board (which is still in its early phases) has complete oversight of all things financial. The board monitors the expenses of the organisation and ensures a responsible spending of finances to run the organisation. 

Furthermore, accounts will be audited yearly and WeMove.EU will publish a breakdown of their expenses yearly, to ensure the utmost transparency. 

Where we spend our money:

WeMove.EU is a small organisation and its staff of 10 runs all operations. Donations go to funding our campaigns.