CETA: next steps

CETA vote

In February MEPs arrived in Strasbourg for one of the most important votes in the whole of this parliamentary session: to ratify the undemocratic trade deal with Canada called CETA. But they were in for a surprise when they got there - us!

Mit Essen wettet man nicht

5. Februar 2017

Jedes Weizenkorn wird nur einmal geerntet, verarbeitet und gegessen - verkauft aber wird es 99 Mal. In ihrer Gier nach Profiten wetten Spekulanten auf Mais, Weizen und Zucker. Die Folge: Die Preise für diese Grundnahrungsmittel steigen: Das trifft vor allem die Ärmsten der Armen. 

A people-powered plug for tax evasion

Corporations have been taking us for a ride by using every trick in the book to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. But that could be about to end. The European Commission has proposed a first step to make giant corporations like Amazon and Facebook play by a common set of tax rules across Europe, and stop them from exploiting the differences in national corporate tax regimes.

Democracy for Sale Awards

The ongoing negotiations of the EU-US trade agreement, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), are happening behind closed doors, hand in hand with big business lobby groups. Their influence is so great that their collaboration with TTIP negotiators deserves closer scrutiny. Our contribution: to give the most successful business group in hijacking TTIP for corporations an award!