Our commitment to accuracy

As a fast paced campaigning organisation responding to current events, WeMove Europe creates and publishes hundreds of petitions every year and sends out thousands of emails about its campaigns.  

Every day we strive to provide our community with accurate information and work closely with experts and specialist NGO’s. But it is not possible to get it right every time, and when we get it wrong, we are committed to communicate corrections here.


25 February 2019

We sent an email to our members in German, Spanish, and Polish saying that palm oil can no longer be used as a “green” additive to diesel in Europe. The European Commission did release a decision on February 8, 2019 that classified palm oil as a high-emitting biofuel crop, which means that palm oil cannot be counted towards EU green targets.  However, the decision is contained in a draft delegated act, which still needs to be adopted by the Commission.


26 July 2018

We sent an email to our members in German, Spanish and Italian saying we needed to increase public pressure to get a date for our hearing against the patent on beer. We actually have two hearings planned in October, and after those hearings the third and final one will be scheduled. However, to stop this patent we still do need to continue to show public outcry against the patent on beer before the decision.


28 March 2018

We sent an email to our members asking them to donate to launch a campaign calling on H&M to live up to its 2013 commitments to pay a “fair living wage” to its workers before November 2018.

In that email we claimed that workers who died in the Rana Plaza disaster were producing clothes for H&M. This was a mistake on our part and actually although H&M had no production there they were one of the first companies to sign up to the Accord for Fire and Building Safety and its renewed version from 2017.


24 October 2017

We sent an email to 93,000 members across Europe, asking them to sign our petition demanding greater transparency from Members of the European Parliament on 4,342 euros of extra funding each MEP receives each month for expenses related to their work as an MEP.

Our email was not clear enough on one point, so we want to clarify: MEPs don't have to have a physical regional office in order to justify the 4,342 euros allowance they receive, but in our email we claimed this was the main purpose of these allowances. In fact, this money can go to general office costs like phone bills, rent and further expenses like web pages, meetings with citizens, and more. However the scandal still remains: MEPs still don't have to justify in any way how they spend this allowance, and nobody would find out if they kept it for their private spending.