Laura Sullivan | Executive Director, Belgium

Laura is our Executive Director. She is an activist and feminist who has been focused over the last couple of decades on working with civil society on issues of poverty and inequality. She specialises in campaigning and rethinking organisational strategies to effect much needed systemic change globally. For 10 years she worked with ActionAid International, in her last role, as the Regional Director for Europe and the Americas. Over that time she also served as the Vice President to Concord, the main Confederation of Development Organisations in Europe. Laura firmly believes that our systems were man-made and that they can be woman and man re-made. Beyond the professional setting, she co-runs a group called Systemic Change Brussels aimed at connecting activists working at local and European / international levels in the city. She is a serious fan of all things musical.

Anne Assehn | Finance and Operations Director, Germany and the Netherlands

Joining WeMove.EU is for our Finance and Operations Director Anne Asséhn a rejoicing return to working for social change through the act of campaigning around issues laying close to her heart. On her path from initiating student environment groups and working for various grassroots campaigning groups, she has also gathered experience within the fields of grassroots funders as well as humanitarian and development NGOs. Now she is putting her skills and efforts into shaping up WeMove’s finance and operation processes and planning, either from her home location in Amsterdam, the WeMove office in Berlin or from our administrative hub in Ljubljana, when she is not practicing aikido in Paris or is on an occasional visit to her country of origin Sweden. Anne is passionate about facilitation, expressed through her engagement with the Dutch action training and facilitation collective Stroomversnellers and in the past in more rhythmic forms, when she was part of bringing to life the Rhythms of Resistance international action samba network.

Xavier Dutoit | IT Director, Belgium and Switzerland

Our tech guru, in charge of imagining and creating the technology our team needs to manage and launch campaigns. Xavier has extensively worked on initiatives promoting access to technology for a more participatory democracy, as well as on open data projects for more transparency (he also managed the IT behind the first ever successful European Citizens Initiative). In his spare time, he plays double bass and chapman stick, and is always looking for fellow musicians to jam with.

Felicia Fürhaupter | Executive Assistant, Germany

Felicia is based in Berlin and assists the managing director and the campaigns manager. She makes sure that things in the Berlin office run smoothly. Before joining WeMove.EU she worked at a refugee camp in Berlin, helping new arrivals to meet people that have already lived in Germany for a longer time. She's interested in migration, equal opportunities and projects that support the people in her neighbourhood. In her free-time she enjoys riding her bicycle, exploring places in and around Berlin.

Mika Leandro | Campaigns Director, France

Mika is based in Bordeaux and together with Andrew helps the campaign team run brilliant campaigns through practical, strategic and moral support. She also takes part in the general management of WeMove.EU. Before working at WeMove.EU, Mika lead a campaigns team in an anti-slavery NGO, campaigned to protect the environment and for human rights. Mika’s favourite way to relax is to jump in the ocean, if she can go scuba diving it’s even better.

Virginia López Calvo | Senior Campaigner, Spain

Virginia is based in Madrid and travels across the different regions of the Spanish state to ensure the various priorities and sensitivities are factored into our campaigns. She is a campaigner at her peak performance when weaving trans-European and intercontinental networks, particularly those working in the intersection of gender, economic and environmental justice. A feminist advocate for more than a decade, Virginia has worked on decriminalisation of abortion, women’s participation in macroeconomic policy-making and trade justice. When not doing politics she plays baglama and dances forró.

Simona Muršec | Operations Manager, Slovenia

Our administrative hero, responsible for the smooth running of everything financial and operational. Simona has been learning a lot about the legal, human resources and accounting issues across Europe and is making sure the team gets to meet and work together. Previously, she was active in the global socialist youth movement and worked as a human rights education trainer and facilitator of youth policy processes - her own political goal being to support people becoming emancipated and empowered to change their societies. When Simona is not building democracy, she organises the Pride Parade in Ljubljana and takes her dog swimming.

Tomasz Pietrzkowski | Software Developer, Poland

Tomasz is responsible for the development of the technology needed for our campaigning. He is an outstanding programmer, but also an active advocate forthe rights of children - currently acting as the General Secretary of the NGO Acus which works with children with behavioral problems. In his spare time Tomasz plays guitar.

Jörg Rohwedder | Senior Campaigner, Germany

30 years of experience for change: Jörg Rohwedder is our Senior Campainger for Germany, based in Palingen, near Hamburg. Since he was a youngster of 17 he has been active for peace and human rights, against nuclear power and racism. His political activism led him to Turkey and the Balkans. For over a decade he was executive director of a foundation for social change and the last year he was coordinator for the EDGE Funders Alliance in Europe. Jörg acted in different roles for a just world: as an activist for nonviolent action, as an educator,  facilitator, coordinator and director. He combined his activism with a dedicated engagement for a true meaningful alternative: ethical investment, renewable energy, cooperative housing.

David Schwartz | English Senior Campaigner

David is a Senior Campaigner at WeMove.EU, where he runs campaigns on various progressive issues, working closely with the rest of the campaigns team. Previously, David coordinated the Stop Glyphosate European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), the fastest ECI to ever meet the legal requirements for success. Before working with WeMove.EU, David worked in communications, research, and digital with non-profits on a variety of issue-based campaigns, including on the debate surrounding the UK’s EU referendum result, minority rights in Israel, and the World Bank social and environmental safeguard policy review.

Marta Tycner | Polish Senior Campaigner

Based in Warsaw, Marta is the Polish Senior Campaigner at WeMove.EU. She comes from an academic background and previously worked as a researcher in the field of Late Antiquity in Warsaw and Oxford. Politically active for many years, in the last couple of years before joining WeMove.EU she has made activism her main occupation. Marta has been involved in various projects on worker’s rights, political education, progressive foreign policy and democratisation of the EU. In her free time, she tries to come back to her old hobby of singing and playing the piano.

Giulio Carini | Italian Senior Campaigner

Based in Rome, Giulio is the Italian Senior Campaigner who believes that together through storytelling and activism we can challenge decisions and protect the public interest. For close to a decade, he has worked on improving transparency and fighting corruption in Europe as a campaigner at the British NGO Global Witness and later at the Italian NGO Riparte il futuro. Giulio founded an activism training school in Italy, worked on animal rights issues for a think tank, started his own small business and learned about the environmental damage caused by the extractive industries while working as a lawyer for oil companies. In his free time, he likes to perform with his theatre group around Europe and enjoys playing basketball and squash.

Carola Ståhl | Donations Accountant, Germany

As part of the finance team, Carola divides her time between people and numbers. She coordinates the donation processes, reassuring that our donors get the best possible attention. She is also a passionate human rights education trainer and press freedom advocate, for many years active in the international Loesje network, creating thought provoking posters and developing projects. Carola is born in Sweden, now based in Berlin, but makes sure to meet fellow activists all over the world as often as she can. When she is not working, you can catch her reading, dancing street dance, cooking, or hanging out in Berlin’s parks.

Romain Thouvenin | Agile Project Manager, France

Romain is another of our tech gurus, and helps us make sure we spend our time on tech wisely. His experience in large-scale website building means he can handle even the trickiest of our software problems. He’s been active since his student days, and is now especially interested in education, world citizenship and digital rights. Occasionally, he leaves the Matrix and goes out into nature to climb and slackline.


Olga Vuković | Campaigns Director, Italy (Maternity Leave)

Olga is based in Bologna and together with Mika helps the campaigning team run brilliant campaigns through practical, strategic and moral support. She also takes part in the general management of WeMove.EU. Olga manages the English, Polish and Italian campaigners. She has worked within the European civil society sector for over eight years with a specific focus on transnational activism and helping bridge the gap between citizens and decision-makers. When she was a child her family left Montenegro (then former Yugoslavia), and since then she has lived in Canada, the UK and Italy.  Her migrant background has led her to be passionate about issues of citizenship, identity and migration. Olga jumps at every opportunity to travel, and when time allows loves to squeeze in a good yoga class.


María Botella Trotonda | Campaigns Assistant, Spain

Maria has lived in London for the last four years and she is about to move back to Madrid, her home town. She supports the Spanish Senior Campaigner in a variety of tasks, from conducting research on a range of campaign issues to the implementation of campaigns and social media management. Recently graduated with a MA/MSc in Digital Sociology, she has a wide range of IT skills and experience in carrying out online research and deploying digital methods. She has worked and volunteered for different organisations at the European level with an aim to advance democracy and environmental awareness. She enjoys learning languages and all types of dances, including African and Brazilian dances, and of course, tango!

Saminder Kharay | Campaign Assistant, English Language, England and Germany

Saminder is working as the english language campaign assistant. She is currently undertaking a distance learning Masters in Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice at SOAS, University of London. With a passion for social justice and campaigning against inequality, Saminder has worked for several charities and Not for Profit organisations including Friends of the Earth. Originally from London, and now living in Tübingen, Germany. Saminder enjoys being outdoors, winter or summer.

Jessica Lima | Administration Assistant, Slovenia

Jessica Lima is our administration assistant in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Before WeMove.EU she was working and volunteering for several NGO's and collectives in different parts of Europe. She is a passionate socialist, feminist, and LGBTIQA+ activist. In her free time you will find her drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee and instigating heated political debates.


Rok Primozic | Networking & Operations Assistant, Slovenia

Rok brings in essential IT and administrative skills to the team. A lawyer by training, he is an experienced youth worker and youth trainer who has been leading different organisations on local and national (in Slovenia) and European levels.


Asia Stiller| Campaign Assistant, Poland

Asia is based in Warsaw and supports the Polish Senior Campaigner. She has been a long-time animal protection activist and co-founded one of the largest Polish animal rights and advocacy organization, she has also worked in environmental protection and development cooperation NGO’s. In her free time, she travels, goes climbing and reads books.




The Board of WeMove.EU consists currently of three committed and experienced individuals acting in their personal capacity (not as delegates of their respectiveorganisations).

Blanche Shackleton | Chair

One of the members of the ultimate governance body in WeMove.EU. Blanche runs many of 38 Degrees’ campaigns, and spends time promoting their work online and engaging in networking with other organisations who share the same priorities. Her role is key in ensuring that 38 Degrees’ members are properly listened to and their concerns reflected in their campaigning. Before working at 38 Degrees, she worked at a healthcare charity and in the British Parliament. She goes often boating on the canal (in London that is).



Alberto Alemanno | Board Member

Alberto Alemanno is a European legal scholar, activist and public interest lawyer committed to democratize and equalize Europe. He pioneered innovative forms of civic engagement and activism in the EU transnational space via his civic start-up The Good Lobby and has been involved in dozens of campaigns. He’s currently Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at HEC Paris and director of the EU Public at New York University School of Law.His last book, ‘Lobbying for Change: Find Your Voice to Create a Better Society (Iconbooks, 2017), is a call for action for citizens to speak up and inform policy decisions at local, national andinternationallevel. He lives in Bilbao with his wife and three girls.        


Christoph Bautz | Board Member/Interim Executive Director

Christoph is a studied biologist and political scientist. After his studies he established the office of Attac-Germany and coordinated their public communication. Together with Felix Kolb he founded the Bewegungsstiftung, which promotes campaigns and projects of social movements. Together with Günter Metzges he initiated the founding of and works since 2004 as Campact's executive director.



Former Board Members

Günter Metzges

Another honorable member of the Board, with a political science and adult pedagogy degree. Günter co-founded an ecological centre in Verden/Aller and was active in several political campaigns. Between 2000 and 2003, he was a researcher at the Institute for International and Intercultural Studies at the University of Bremen, and between 2003 and 2004, a Marie Curie fellow at the University of Warwick, where he wrote a PhD thesis titled "NGO campaigns and their impact on international negotiations". In 2004, he co-founded


Former Executive Director

Oliver Moldenhauer | Former Director, Germany 

Oliver is especially passionate about the prospect of WeMove.EU to strengthen the solidarity between people in different European countries. Oliver has more than 25 years of experience in activism and advocacy. After studying physics, Oliver worked at the Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research. Since 2001 he has worked as a full time campaigner, first as one of the founders of Attac Germany and later as Campaigner for Médecins Sans Frontières. Oliver set up his first political webpage in 1993 and has been working in various online campaigns since the early 2000s, including as Campaign Manager for Europe for and as the Renewable Energies Campaigner for In his free time he enjoys hiking and reading science fiction and history.